Are you in a Book Club? Do you just like to read and want more “depth” to the experience? These questions might enrich your reading adventures!


Sample Questions for Readers –

  1. Did you find the plot engaging? Did it move at the pace you needed? What surprises did you encounter and like / not like? Did characters evolve with the plot in believable ways?
  1. How do you like the book’s structure and shift of time and place? Did it bother you? Did it help you understand the underlying character motivations and consequences? Did changes in character viewpoints work for you?
  1. Who are the main characters at the beginning of the book and what are they like? What traits and behaviors drive their behaviors? How does each character relate to those around them? What do you think are their base motivations? What do you like / dislike about them? What would you say to the characters? Do you know anyone like them? How are they like or not like you?
  1. What changes did you see in the characters as the plot developed? What did they learn about themselves and the world around them? What would they say about that?
  1. Did the story “grab you” immediately or did it take a while? What was it that pulled you in? What feelings came to you as you read the story?
  1. What main ideas did you find in the book? Were they meaningful to you, interesting, or original?
  1. What dialog or thoughts in the book meant something special to you? Were any particularly funny or descriptive? Were any passages (!) meaningful to you?
  1. Was the ending satisfying for you? Why or why not? Did it generate any interest in seeing where the story goes in the sequel?
  1. Has this novel changed you in any way or at least changed your perspectives? What did you learn or want to learn?
  1. What questions would you like to ask the author? What would you like to hear in his answers?