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Thanks for visiting this site and for your interest in these adventure stories. You’ll be taken into mysteries no one has considered and places where danger will find you. The characters have strong personalities, so enjoy the ride as you follow them around. They’re a willful bunch. Don’t let plot complexities deter you. It all becomes clear.

R.D. Hathaway is an adventurer who hungers for answers to big questions and finding the next discovery. Creative writing satisfies some of that craving when he isn’t walking at night along the streets of Cairo, Paris, Buenos Aires, or Istanbul. Hathaway has always been dazzled with the nuances of human belief and behavior and how the institutions of cultures mold that.

His past is distinguished with work as an intelligence analyst at NSA focused on the Near East, studies at Oxford, climbing Mt. Sinai, teaching negotiation skills to Saudi professionals, working on houses for Habitat for Humanity, and serving as a Foreign Service Officer under the State Department.

It’s at the edges of our routine lives where special moments come alive. A bubbling of ideas and challenging insights are generated from Hathaway’s understanding of cultures, geography, history, and religions in the Near East combined with his personal spiritual studies. Add a love for discoveries in modern physics, and boundaries on everything disappear.

Watch the determined, young protagonist match wits with the powerful and deal with threats to her life as she finds strength in new friends and mission to change history.

Dive in and discover!

Secret Passages