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Secret Passages

Discover the adventures of a new, young protagonist. She’s not a Laura Croft or an Indiana Jones type of person. She’s just a 30-year old, angry newspaper reporter from Iowa who gets in the way of powerful forces in the shadows. Her determination to find the truth grows as she deals with threats to her career and her life.

“A dramatic mystery thriller from the 1920’s to the present. Egyptian artifacts found in the British museum, rediscovered love, a cold-case murder of a college professor, and the most profound revelation in history. An innocent, young newspaper reporter from Iowa is on the hunt for truth, and she’s being hunted.”

What happened? Who is doing this? What do I do?

Run with her and find out.

Secret Passages has been chosen by the highly regarded Kirkus Review for the prestigious Starred Review for one of its best reviews of all books.

Hidden Passion

She’s on the way to Italy for fun and maybe romance; then she’s face to face with murder. On the run for her life, she confronts the most formidable force on Earth, religion at war. They shouldn’t have messed with her.

“An intense, race-against-time thriller of death and conspiracies set in the mysterious world of tradition and ceremony of the Roman Catholic Church. When a controversial secret is uncovered that has been hidden for millennia, unknown forces will destroy anyone to prevent the news from being revealed, including the young reporter who went to Italy looking for fun and maybe romance!

Prepare for a stunning ending that will shock people everywhere. Buckle up! The ride begins here!”